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 Important Information About Canine Cough


Every Spring and Summer, just like us, dogs can suffer from allergies and colds.  Everywhere we go we see humans coughing and dealing with these seasonal changes and the dogs experience the same.

It is IMPORTANT to understand what Canine Cough is and what your part is in keeping your dog protected as well as other dogs.
Although Canine Cough can occur year-round like the flu, it does seem to have its own "season" in which greater reports of Canine Cough occur.  The season tends to be late Spring and into Summer.  

Here at the Bow-Wow Barn, we have had some cases of canine cough during late April and into May.  In speaking to some of the local Vets, they are seeing cough cases from all over our community and surrounding areas.  There’s nothing to be alarmed about, but rather to stay informed.  This email is to inform and to serve as an educational tool for our clients.  The more we all understand what Canine Cough is, how it spreads and how to respond to it, the healthier our pet community will be.
Canine Cough can affect any dog, anywhere, even when properly vaccinated and even when not exposed to other dogs.

What Is Tracheobronchitis (Canine Cough / Kennel Cough)

Kennel cough is a term loosely used to describe tracheobronchitis, a complex of infections-both viral and bacterial-that causes inflammation of a dog’s voice box and windpipe. It's a form of bronchitis and is similar to a chest cold in humans. Though it usually clears up on its own, canine cough is highly contagious to other dogs. There is no true prevention of canine cough.  Vaccines only cover several known strains and what makes this illness deceiving is that a dog can have the illness and NOT IMMEDIATELY show symptoms yet are HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS.


What Are the General Symptoms of Canine Cough?

A persistent dry cough with a "honking" sound is the main clue your dog's caught canine cough. In most cases, she'll appear healthy except for the cough. Her appetite and activity level usually won't change, but don't be alarmed if she gags and coughs up a white, foamy phlegm-these signs are often worse after exercise, or if she's excited or pulls against her collar. Some dogs may also develop a fever and nasal discharge.

What Should I Do if I Think My Dog Has Canine Cough?

If you suspect your dog has canine cough, immediately isolate her from all other dogs and CALL YOUR VETERINARIAN. The next call should be to any pet facility that you have recently visited to make them aware.  Most cases of Canine Cough are mild, and the dog will usually be just fine.  Occasionally, your Vet may prescribe antibiotics and cough medicine.  It is important to KEEP YOUR DOG AT HOME while he/she is recovering and do not expose to other dogs.  This isolation should be for 2-3 weeks to ensure that the illness is completely gone.  It is important to know that your dog will sound worse than he/she really is.  Your dog is simply coughing no different than you and I would if dealing with congestion and not feeling well.  View it as a “puppy cold”.

 How Did My Dog Catch Canine Cough?

Dogs can catch canine cough in several ways. It can spread through aerosols in the air, directly from dog to dog, or through germs on contaminated objects. Canine cough is often spread in locations where your dog may come into direct or in-direct contact with another dog such as a boarding kennel or an animal shelter, for example, or through direct contact while sitting in a vaccination clinic, training class, pet store, dog park or dog-grooming facility.  Since it is an airborne illness, some dogs who have had no direct contact with another dog may still get the illness.

Kennel cough is so contagious that your pet might even catch it from sharing a water dish at the dog park or by simply greeting another dog.


So What Does Bow-Wow Barn Do About Canine Cough?

The Bow-Wow Barn strongly recommends being vaccinated with the Bordatella vaccination, but having vaccinations does not GUARANTEE that your pet won't ever catch it, but it's the best approach.

We DO NOT SHARE any food or water dishes between dogs.  There are no communal water buckets.  Each dog or family has their own water bucket and our feeding bowls are disposable and NEVER re-used, unless your dog requires a special bowl.  Then dishes are clean and sanitized per PACFA and Colorado State standards.

Staff is HYPER-VIGILANT to the signs of Canine Cough and any pet showing symptoms will IMMEDIATELY be isolated with proper notifications made to the owner and the Vet.

We use a line of cleaning / antibacterial / dis-infecting products that are top of the line and strict cleaning policies are in place to ensure that our facility is always clean.  These products are used on all kennel cleaning and floor mopping.  We take cleaning and health very important and go to great lengths and costs to ensure your pet has a clean, healthy place to stay.

We require ANY dog recently adopted/rescued/fostered or comes from an otherwise unknown location to have a waiting period of 2 weeks and a vet visit to ensure the health of the dog prior to receiving services with us.  Additionally, any dog that has visited another kennel or participated in a dog show will also have a 2 week waiting period.

It is important to know that although we go above and beyond to avoid any illnesses in our facility, some things are out of our control. 


So, What Can You Do?

Ensure your pet is healthy prior to contact at any pet care facility.

Avoid taking your pet into unprotected areas in which ill dogs may be located such as animal shelters, humane societies, or anywhere that unvaccinated pets may be located. Avoid adoption clinics and venues with your pet.  These pets may not be healthy.  Many reputable shelters will have "adoption" days at local pet stores and other well-travelled locations.  Avoid taking your pet there.

Ensure your pet has been vaccinated according to your Veterinarian’s guidelines PRIOR to boarding or daycare.

Look for signs that your pet may not feel well.  Having a COUGH OF ANY KIND, not eating, nasal discharge, fever, etc.  If you see ANY of these signs, DO NOT BRING TO BOARDING OR DAYCARE.  Seek council from your Vet immediately.

When in doubt, CALL YOUR VET.

At the Bow-Wow Barn, we take your pets health and well-being very serious as we want them to have a great time while in our care.  We routinely communicate with our local Veterinarians and other pet care professionals to stay on top of any health issues in our area.  Help us by ensuring your pet is healthy enough to board or engage in daycare.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Jamie Bauder-Knox

The Bow-Wow Barn, LLC

Sterling, CO

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