This is the place for an exceptional boarding experience!


Boarding is such an outdated term. 

You don't want to board your dog, you want your dog to have an exceptional experience!

That is what we are here for!  To allow your pups to have an exceptional experience while you are away!

No more sitting in cages or kennels!  No pacing and barking!

We are running, swimming, hugging and kissing!

The Bow-Wow Barn offers a full day of play, a night in a roomy kennel  AND affection at one all inclusive price!  

No need to pay to have a tummy rub! 

They are free at the Bow-Wow Barn!

And kisses are Free!  All day, everyday!






Kennel Pricing

1 dog in personal kennel $35 per night
2 dogs in personal kennel together $63 per night
3 dogs in personal kennel together $91 per night 
 (small dogs only, larger dogs only 2 maximum per kennel)

       Please be aware that some holiday weeks Boarding incurs a "Peak Season" charge of $5 per day per dog.